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Stay Centered Yoga, LLC

Breathe, Relax, 
     Let Go and Move On...

Live-Streaming Yoga Classes via Skype

Private, Live-Streaming Yoga Classes via Skype

Don't let bad weather, lack of childcare, a crazy work schedule or any other reason keep you from your private yoga classes. Download the FREE Skype program and take private, live-streaming yoga classes today! 

Questions? Email me at:

How to Set Up and Use a Skype Account

1. Download the FREE Skype program here:

2. Set up a FREE Skype account

3. Add me as a Skype Contact: staycenteredyogaclasses

4. Email me at: to discuss payment options and to create a schedule.

5. Email me at: to schedule a quick test call to check the internet connection and laptop camera position.

6. At your scheduled class time, message the instructor via Skype to let her know you are ready. Your instructor will video call you and your class will begin. 

Important Suggestions:

- Play music quietly from your phone or other device during the class as I won't be able to play music for  you.

- Lay your yoga mat down and do a few practice poses to see if you bump into any furniture or walls in your room.

- In addition to a yoga mat, have a yoga strap readily available. 

Available for purchase here:

Prices for Private, Live-Streaming Yoga Classes

- Each private, live-streaming yoga class is:

      - One hour

      - Held via Skype

      - For only 1 participant

- You may choose Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, or Recovery Yoga.
- You may purchase one single class or a package of 5 or 10 classes at a discounted rate. **
- You may also purchase an unlimited package for one month at a discounted rate. For the unlimited package, you may only take one yoga lesson per day. 

** Five and Ten Class Packages must be used within 2 months of purchase

- Please email me at to learn more about our prices. 
Discounts and special offers for private, live-streaming yoga classes are available. 
- Yoga classes must be paid for in advance via PayPal, mail or dropping payment off at the studio. 

Schedule for Private, Live-Streaming Yoga Classes

Please email me at if you have any questions or to discuss a specific schedule.

Go to the SCHEDULE page to see my most current available schedule. 

Cancellation Policy for Private, Live-Streaming Yoga Classes

We understand that sometimes life happens and you are unable to attend your yoga class. However, no shows will be charged full price for the class they did not attend. 

Note: No refunds will be given for pre-paid classes that are not completed within 2 months of purchase.